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Seth Godin - renowned speaker and bestseller author

It takes many years of practice, hard work and commitment to become a famous figure in economic matters. All these factors help build a unique vision of the world and the financial wheels that spin it. It is an arduous journey, but one that can transform you in a business guru the likes of Seth Godin – one of the most respected and followed personalities in entrepreneurship today. Here is the short story of a successful author and public speaker that all marketers should aim to become:

From rags to riches

Seth Godin started his working career in 1983 as a brand manager of Spinnaker Software at the early age of 23. His studies of computer science, marketing, and philosophy at the Tufts University had boosted him that far, but the hunger for something bigger spurred his ambitions. After three years he quit his job and opened a book packaging business called Seth Godin Productions that quickly became very successful.

Where others would have gladly stopped and counted the money up until retirement, Godin decided to change. In 1995 he released the concept of permission marketing and founded Yoyodyne – a company that used online applications to market companies. The advent of the internet and the increase of online marketing boosted his efforts and the company's profitability that was eventually bought by Yahoo! in 1998 for $30 million.

Flexibility guarantees success

With money to spend and ideas to implement, Seth Godin redirected his attention to another big passion from his youth: writing. Following on the relative success of "The Smiley Dictionary" that he had published in 1993, Godin continued his writing career with further studies on economy and marketing. As of 2014, he has authored no less than 17 books that earned him international success and a fruitful career in public speaking and motivational conferences.