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A good book is always the perfect gift

Picking the perfect gift is difficult for most people. Some dwell on it too much, while others have the wrong idea about what a good present should be. Fortunately, there is a solution that both groups of people can rely on in their desperate shopping sprees.

Whether it is the anniversary of your partner, the promotion of a work colleague or simply Mother’s Day, you cannot go wrong by gifting a good book. Our society implies that everyone enjoys a good read, so you should not worry if the receiver is not an avid reader. Here is a short guide on how to choose the perfect book for every occasion:

Forget about the subject

When you buy a book as a gift for somebody, try to think less about the topic of the book and more about the impression that it will make on the receiver. If you are celebrating a good friend's anniversary, you should stay away from heavy reads on politics, economics or war. Instead, you can laugh and create a lasting memory by giving them a coloring book for adults. The sight of this brochure will be enough to bring a smile on their faces and remind them of you for years to come.

Choose a popular release

Every now and then a good book makes furors even before it is released. People talk about it at work, in coffee shops, and on internet forums. If the anniversary of a loved one is just around the corner, take the opportunity to gift them this book. It does not matter if it is a revolutionary treaty on economics like Seth Godin’s “Survival is not enough” or a thrilling novel like Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code.” Your intention to give a present that is relevant and contemporary will be widely appreciated.